Cesare Bedognè

film still from "The Last Step of an Acrobat"

Cesare Bedognè is an Italian photographer, film-maker and writer. He graduated cum laude in Mathematics at Pavia University with a Master Thesis on Minkovski Spacetime, the geometrical theory which forms the basis of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. In 1992 he moved to the Netherlands, joining his girl friend Monique in Groningen, where he set up his first dark-room and started being increasingly interested in the visual arts, with particular attention to cinema and photography. In this period he developed his "Innerscapes" photographic series. After Monique's death, due to leukemia (1998), he returned to Italy and began  working at his "Broken Images" series in a deserted Sanatorium of the Italian Alps. Later on he moved to Greece, where he spent about ten years of his life, first in Crete and then in Lesvos. In January 2019 he settled down in Genoa, Italy.

Starting from the late '90's, his black and white photographs have been exhibited in many galleries and art museums in Italy and abroad, including Ch'i Contemporary in New York, Fotomuseum Den Haag (the Netherlands), Museo Nazionale della Fotografia Cav. Alberto Sorlini in Italy, and the Italian Institute of Culture of Athens, in Greece. Starting from 2010, his work has been represented in Europe by "Dagmar Schmidla Gallery" in Cologne, Germany. He also co-operated  with Ververs Gallery in Amsterdam, Tepper Takayama Fine Arts in Boston and Incantations Gallery in Genoa.  

As a writer, he published to date an autobiographical novel, "Oltre l'Azzurro", recalling his Dutch years; a collection of poems in prose devoted to Greece, entitled "Nessuno" (edited in Italian/Greek parallel text: the Greek translation, entitled  "Kanenas", is due to Anna Papastavrou); and two collections of poems and short stories inspired by his travels in Europe, Asia and South America: "Ombre d'Europa" and "L'ultimo viaggio di Albert Camus". 

His photo-book "Della Cenere e del Vento /Of Ashes and Wind", including writings (in Italian/English parallel text) by Cesare Bedognè himself, Christian Stokbro-Karlsen and Emanuele Ferrari, was released in 2015 by the not- for-profit Italian Publisher ABao AQu, which had also published earlier "Oltre l'Azzurro". 

In 2015 he co-directed with Aleksandr Balagura his first documentary/experimental film, "Story for an Empty Theatre", based on his autobiographical novel "Oltre l'Azzurro", on a theatre performance inspired by the book (featuring Maria Frepoli, Emanuele Ferrari and musicians from the Reggio Emilia Institute of Music and Liturgy), and on black and white photographs belonging to the "Innerscapes" and "Broken Images" series'.  

Subsequently, he worked again with actress Maria Frepoli on two other "experimental" films, "Maria's Silence" and "The Last Step of an Acrobat", both shot in Greece, on Lesvos' barren western edge, where he lived in the period 2013-2018. 

All those movies were given several awards in international film festivals world-wide. In particular:

"Story for an Empty Theatre" was given the Best Experimental Film Award in the "Festival del Nuovo Cinema di Alghero" (Italy, 2017), in "the Great Indian Festival of Film and Literature" (GIFLIF, India, 2016), in the "New Renaissance Film Festival" of Amsterdam (2018) and others. 

"Maria's Silence" was given the Best Avant-Garde Film Award in the "Concrete Dream Film Festival" of Los Angeles ("Philippe Mora Award", 2018), the Best Feature Narrative Award in the "AMIIworkFest" of Vilnius (2018), the Best Experimental Film Award at the 4th edition of the "European Cinematography Awards" (Amsterdam, 2019) and others.  "Maria's Silence" was also screened at the "Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Arts" of Yerevan, in the 69th edition of the "Montecatini International Short Film Festival" (Italy), at the "Cinemistica Festival" of Granada (Spain),  at the Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, and quite recently at  the Italian Institute of Culture of Athens, Greece. 

His latest film-making work, "The Last Step of an Acrobat" (2018), is also starting to get recognition internationally and was also selected for the 14th edition of the prestigious "L'EUROPE AUTOUR DE L'EUROPE" Film Festival in Paris ( 15-31 March 2019) and for the 5th edition of Cinemistica in Granada. The film also won several awards internationally, as the Best Film Award in AMIIWorkFest, Vilnius, Lithuania, a film festival organized by Inkubatorius, one of the biggest audiovisual educational centres in the Baltic States.

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                                          STILLS FROM "THE LAST STEP OF AN ACROBAT"